“Love is blind, but hate has 20/20 vision.”

“Love is like quicksand – the deeper you fall, the harder it is to escape.”

“The heart was made to be broken.”

“Love is a battlefield, and I’m not willing to fight anymore.”

“No love is worth losing yourself over.”

“Love is for fools who believe in fairy tales.”

“Sometimes, love is just a cruel trick played on the heart.”

“Love is overrated – it only brings pain and heartache.”

“Love is a game that I refuse to play.”

“Love is a temporary madness that leaves scars on the soul.”

“Love is a cruel joke that fate plays on us.”

“Love is a poison that destroys everything it touches.” SON AND FATHER RELATIONSHIP QUOTES

“Love is a lie disguised as a beautiful illusion.”

“Love is a trap that binds us and suffocates our true selves.”

“Love is a weakness that I refuse to succumb to.”

“Love is a game of manipulation and deceit.”

“Love is a curse disguised as a blessing.”

“Love is a black hole that consumes everything in its path.”

“Love is an illusion that dissolves with time.”

“Love is a fragile glass that shatters easily.”

“Love is a prison that keeps us confined to misery.”

“Love is a disease that infects the heart and destroys sanity.”