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2022 Bhaiya Dooj

When is Bhaiya Dooj in 2022 on 26th October, 2022 (Kartik)

Bhaiya Dooj or Bhai Tika is a Hindu and it is most joyfully celebrated in Indian festivals. This Hindu festival is celebrated in every part of India and it is also known as Bhau-Bij in Maharashtra and Bhai Phonta in West Bengal.

When is Bhai Dooj celebrated?

The celebration of Bhai Dooj is a part of 5 days and it comes two days after Diwali. It falls on the second day of Shukla Paksha in the Hindu month of Kartika.

Why is Bhai Dooj celebrated?

Bhai Dooj is a festival that pays tribute to the bond between siblings. It is a great celebration of expressing love and respect to siblings for each other. On this day, sisters pray for a healthy, happy and secure life for their brothers, who in return present gifts to their sisters to express their love and care. On this festival of siblings, the whole family comes together and enjoys this festival with sweets and other delicious things.

There are many stories and stories related to the origin of Bhai Dooj. It is generally believed that on this day, Lord Yama, the god of death, met his sister Yami or Yamuna. He welcomed him with garlands and applied tilak on his forehead and presented sweets and special dishes to him. In return for this, Yamraj gave him a unique gift and said that the brothers who will receive aarti and tilak greeted by their sister on this day will be preserved and will be blessed with a long life. This is why this day is also known as or Yamadwitiya ` Another story states that Lord Krishna, after killing the demon king Narakasura, went to his sister, Subhadra, who welcomed him with sweets, garlands, aarti and tilak.

Who celebrates Bhai Dooj?

Bhai Dooj is a Hindu festival and it is an integral part of the 5-day Diwali festival. It is celebrated majorly by Hindus all over India. In North India, this festival is celebrated with much devotion and enthusiasm. In Maharashtra, this festival is known as Bhau-Bij and in West Bengal, it is celebrated as Bhai Ponta.

How is Bhai Dooj celebrated?

On Bhaiya Dooj, sisters invite their brothers to their homes for a luscious banquet, which often includes sweets and all their favourite dishes. Sisters welcome their brothers with `aarti` and apply vermillion (tilak) and rice on their foreheads, offer sweets to them and pray for their healthy life. Whereas brothers present gifts for their sisters with a promise of saving lives. Those women who do not have a brother or whose brothers are far away, worship the moon or worship the moon by performing aarti of Lord Chandra.

In Maharashtra, Goa and some parts of Gujarat, this festival is known as Bhau Beej and on this day a lot of enthusiasm is seen among brothers and sisters. Sisters and brothers exchange gifts, close relatives and friends are invited and delicious sweets like Basundi Puri (Maharashtra) are prepared.

The Bhai Phonta festival in West Bengal comes with grand celebrations and a grand feast. Sisters fast until they apply `phonta` or sandalwood paste on their brother`s forehead and pray for a happy life for their brother.

When it comes to celebrating this, every part of India has its own traditions and customs. However, the inherent importance and essence are the same everywhere where good relations between brother and sister are celebrated.

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