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Chhath Puja 2022 Whatsapp Status Video

Kaimur (Bihar). Mahaparv Chhath fast has started throughout the country including Bihar. No one in the city or village is untouched by this fast. People are feeling very excited about this festival. People have started cleaning their surrounding ponds, rivers and other potholes.

This is the first Chhath fast of rima of Devhaliya village in Kaimur district of Bihar. She says, “I am observing this fast for the first time and I saw that in this fast, along with cleanliness, all items related to nature are used as pooja. Here, clay stoves are also used to make Prasad. Earlier my mother-in-law used to do this pooja, now this time I am doing it. ”

The fast of Chhath started on with Nahay Khay and will continue with the rising sun with Arghya i.e. till the morning of 3rd day. On 2nd day, Dhal`s Chhath will start in the evening. On the second day of the same fast, Vrati worships her ghat in the evening and in the evening kheer and roti are made. Broadly speaking, after taking Kharna`s offerings, the vrati starts a 36-hour Nirjala fast.

It is believed that this Kheer and Roti Prasad is of great importance. Also, the fasting after eating this Prasad makes the land their own easy or the wooden post. Earlier this fast started from the Ganga Ghats of Bihar. Today it is celebrated with great pomp throughout the country.

Why is Chhath Pooja celebrated

Chhath is celebrated in the month of Kartik. Shashti, who is worshipped on the sixth day, calls Maiya as 6th Maiya in simple language in Bihar. It is believed that this mother who is worshipped during Chhath Puja is the sister of Lord Surya. That is why people please Chhath Maiya by offering Argh to the Sun.

At the same time, in the Puranas, the sixth form of Goddess Durga, Katyayani Devi, is also considered to be the form of Chhath Mata. Chhath Maiya is also known as the mother who gave birth to children. It is believed that the Chhath festival is celebrated for children. Especially those couples who did not have children. They fast for Chhath, everyone else celebrates Chhath for the happiness and peace of their children.

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