“The Sixth House rises. Rise, my children, rise!”

“Your ignorance is a blight upon the land.”

“The heart of Lorkhan beats within me!”

“The power of the Dwemer flows through my veins!”

“I am the true god of Morrowind!”

“Your futile resistance only delays the inevitable.”

“The Tribunal’s false godhood will crumble before me.”

“I will reclaim my people’s lost glory.”

“I am the chosen one, destined to rule all of Morrowind.”

“Your mortal weapons cannot harm me. I am immortal!”

“The Blight will consume all unless you submit to me.”

“You cannot escape your fate, mortal. Embrace it.”

“The power of the Heart is mine to command.”

“Morrowind will bow before the might of Dagoth Ur.” QUOTES ABOUT LOVING YOUR MALE BEST FRIEND

“I offer you a chance to join me in eternal glory.”

“The Ashlands will run red with the blood of the non-believers.”

“Feel the power of the Sharmat course through your veins.”

“I am the true Lord of House Dagoth!”

“Beware the dreams of Dagoth Ur, for they are the dreams of the divine.”

“You think yourself a hero? You are nothing but a pawn in my game.”

“I will bathe in your blood and revel in your suffering.”

“The Tribunal’s reign of false gods will come to an end.”

“Welcome, Nerevarine, to your doom.”

“Morrowind will become a land of eternal darkness under my rule.”

“Your resistance is futile, mortal. Surrender now.”

“Dagoth Ur’s power knows no bounds!”