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Navratri Coming Soon Special Whatsapp Status Navratri Status Song 2023 Dandiya Garba
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Garba and Dandia are part of the worship of Goddess Durga, keep these things in mind

Garba and Dandiya Raas are traditional folk dances performed during Navratri while worshipping Goddess Durga. This dance performed in honor of Goddess Durga of power is considered a form of worship. This folk dance is performed by making a round circle around the statue of Goddess Durga installed for worship or the lamp dedicated to her.

Why is the festival of Navratri celebrated? According to the Hindu calendar, the nine-day worship of Goddess Durga, which starts on the first day of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month, is called Navratri. This year Navratri 2019 will be celebrated from 29th September to 8th October. After breaking the treaty of Navratri, Nava and Ratri are obtained, which collectively means nine nights. According to mythology, the nine-day long ritual of Goddess Durga`s victory over the monster king Mahishasur is called Navratri. In these nine days, Hindu society celebrates the tradition of worshipping Goddess Durga in various ways and greeting her as a celebration due to its solidarity spirit. Dandia Raas and Garba are also a medium of collective worship for mother. According to Indian Vedic astrology, worshipping Goddess Durga in any way during Navratri, aarti and fasting ends enemies and ill-wishers, as well as one gets good fortune.

What is the difference between Garba and Daniya? Both Dandia and Garba are the medium of worship of Goddess Durga. Both Garba and Dandia are dance adaptations of worship.

— The fundamental difference between Garba and Dandia is in their birthplace, Garba was born in Gujarat whereas Dandia Raas`s birthplace is Krishna city Vrindavan. But today Garba and Dandia are equally popular in the country including Gujarat. — One important difference between Garba and Daniya is that Garba is played by hand, whereas colourful sticks are used to play Dandia. — Garba is a process done before worshipping Goddess Durga and after worshipping Dandia.

Where is Garba and Daniya played? Earlier, Garba and Dandia were limited only to Gujarat and nearby areas, but now these folk dances have become popular all over the world by crossing the borders of the country and abroad. Especially during Navratri, big events of Garba and Dandia can be seen all over the world to worship Goddess Durga. Thousands of thousands of people participate collectively in these events and worship their mother and receive her blessing.

How do you see Garba and Daniya? Devotees of Goddess Durga wear traditional attire. Women wear beautiful embroidered chaniya choli of different colors, while men wear traditional kurta-pyjama or traditional Gujarati attire. This traditional Gujarati dress is called Kediu and Dhoti. Women make traditional ornaments, bangles and other ornaments. Both Daniya and Garba are done collectively in groups.

What is the importance of doing Dandiya and Garba during Navratri? — Both Garba and Dandia are means of worshipping Goddess Durga in dance form. Through Garba and Dandia, an attempt is made to show the war between Goddess Durga and Daityaraj Mahishasur in the form of Shakti. — The colourful stick used while performing Daniya is seen as the sword of Goddess Durga. — This is why this style of dance is also called Talwar Dance or The Sword Dance. — Garba is a folk dance of Gujarat, which is performed around the idol of Goddess Durga or the lamp dedicated to her. Devotees dance around a burning lamp, perform live display of flame displaying life in a mother`s womb. — While doing garba, a ball is made using hands and feet.

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