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The festival of Dussehra (Dussehra in Hindi) is celebrated throughout India and mainly in North and West India. On this day, Lord Shri Ram, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, destroyed the symbol of iniquity, Ravana along with his army and established Dharma (Essay On Dussehra in Hindi) on this earth. Along with this, some other events took place on this day, which is why it is celebrated in other parts of the country in India remembering those events. Today we will get complete information about Dussehra festival (About Dussehra In Hindi).

Information about Dussehra festival (Dussehra Essay In Hindi With Headings) Why is Dussehra celebrated? (Dussehra Kyu Manaya Jata Hai)

On this day, three main events took place, one was the killing of sinner Ravana by Shriram, the second was the killing of demon Mahishasura through Maa Durga and the third was defeated by the archer Arjun the army of Kaurwo. Let`s briefly know about all three events.

In Treta Yuga, atrocities under the leadership of Ravana had increased on earth, which Lord Vishnu had incarnated as Shriram. When he was about to reign as the king of Ayodhya, he was given a rigorous exile of fourteen years by his stepmother Kaikeyi. He went to exile with his younger brother Lakshman and wife Sita.

In the last year of exile of fourteen years, Ravana abducted Mata Sita by deceit and took her to his capital Lanka. Shriram fought fiercely with Ravana and his army to regain his wife Sita. Finally, on the tenth day of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month, he ended Ravana. Therefore, this festival is celebrated as the victory of truth over falsehood.

In Satyug, there was a demon named Mahishasur whose body was like a buffalo. He was blessed by Lord Brahma, which is why it was not even in the hands of the Tridev himself to defeat him. He could only be killed by a woman. Therefore, the Tridev (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh) and all the gods combined their power, created an energy from which Maa Durga was born.

He single-handedly fought with Mahishasur and his demon army worth crores for ten days. In that war, mother ruthlessly killed her entire army and Mahishasur was also killed on the last day. Therefore, it is celebrated as the victory of good over evil, which is also known as Vijayadashami Nibandh in Hindi.

This story dates back to the war of Mahabharata when all the Pandavas were in exile and their exile came to an end. Then after Bhima killed Kichak, some such incidents occurred that the Kauravas attacked the Pandavas including all the army.

Then Arjun used a compelling weapon with his Gandiva bow alone, so that the army of Kauravas slept or they did not understand what to do now. In this way Arjuna introduced his power to all the Kauravas.

When is the festival of Dussehra celebrated?

It is celebrated on the tenth day of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. In the city`s Ramlila Maidan, one day before Dussehra, big effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakaran and Meghnad are installed, and these three are set on fire on the auspicious time during the evening of Dussehra.

How is Dussehra celebrated?

This festival is celebrated in India in different ways. It is not just one day but a 10-day festival. We will mainly divide it into three parts, let`s know:

According to the first story, Dussehra festival is celebrated at these places, where programs are organized by Shriram on killing Ravana. It is believed that before killing Ravana, Lord Shri Ram (Dussehra Nibandh in Hindi) worshiped various forms of Maa Durga for nine days. As a result of his worship, power was created in him due to which Ravan could be killed.

Therefore, nine days festival Navratra is celebrated throughout North, West and Central India, on which nine forms of Maa Durga are worshiped. After this, people perform Kanjak Pujan at their homes on the day of Ashtami and Navami. Along with this, Ramleela is also organized in public forums these days. It shows the story of Lord Rama from childhood to the slaughter of Ravana.

On the last day, i.e. on the day of Dussehra, big effigies of Ravan, Meghnath and Kumbhakaran are installed in the big ground, which are filled with firecrackers. In the evening, all the people of the city gather to see it and they are set on fire on an auspicious time. After that, people meet each other and congratulate them and eat sweet dishes.

Here Dussehra is known as Vijayadashami where Maa Durga is worshiped. This festival is mainly celebrated in the states of West Bengal, Orissa and Assam (Bangal Mein Dashara Kis Roop Se Manaya Jata Hai). On this day, big pandals are decorated for Maa Durga, which are opened for common devotees from the sixth day.

Every day various programs are organized such as playing Holi with vermillion, dancing etc. People install the idol of Maa Durga at their homes whose last day is immersed in the river.

In South India, three forms of mother are worshiped on this day. In this, first form Maa Durga/Parvati which is a symbol of power, second form Maa Lakshmi which is a symbol of wealth and splendor and third form Maa Saraswati which is a symbol of Vidya music are worshiped.

These days, temples etc. are decorated and worshiped in South India. All people wear new clothes and congratulate each other.

What is done on the day of Dussehra?

On this day people mainly launch new work. This date is considered very auspicious in Hindu religion. So if they want to start any work, they choose this day. Such as starting children`s education, performing sacrificial rituals, starting a new work, doing the muhurat of a house or shop, etc.

Along with this, people worship weapons and weapons in their homes on this day. Traders worship their books, etc. and thank God. Vehicles are also worshiped on this day.

The purpose of celebrating Dussehra festival

The main purpose of celebrating Dussehra is the victory of good over evil and the victory of truth over falsehood. Dussehra festival means the end of evil on the tenth day or the end of ten evils. Ravan had ten heads which Shriram had cut off one by one and finally killed him by running Brahmastra. These 10 heads represent the 10 evils (Moral Of Dussehra In Hindi), which are:

It is a symbol of all evil that destroys human beings. Therefore, this festival teaches us that on this day we should resolve from our minds to renounce these evils forever and only accept the virtues. Through this, we can move on the path of progress and build a good society.

Cultural Importance of Dussehra Festival

India is an agricultural country where the economy mainly depends on agriculture. The festival of Dussehra is also associated with this. Actually from the day of Dussehra the rainy season ends and the arrival of autumn is due.

These days crops are harvested and new crops are sown. Therefore, it is not less than a festival for farmers.

Dussehra of Kullu City (Kullu Dussehra In Hindi)

Apart from all this, Dussehra of Kullu city of Himachal Pradesh is also famous. In this too, people burn effigies of Ravan etc. But here the celebration of this festival can be seen in a slightly different form. Everyone from every household goes out here and someone celebrates this festival by playing an instrument or another.

Also, big markets are decorated for shopping. People wear new clothes, congratulate each other and eat dishes.

Fair on Dussehra (Dussehra Mela)

Fairs are also held all over India on Dussehra where people go with their families and have fun. Various swings are installed in this fair for entertainment, which can be taken from children to old people. Apart from this, these fairs also have many things for shopping. So you can entertain yourself well by visiting these fairs.

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