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महाराजा Agrasen Jayanti Status Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti WhatsApp Status Agrasen Jayanti 2024
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Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti WhatsApp Status Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti Status Agrasen Jayanti 2024
Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti WhatsApp Status 2024 Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti Status Agrasen Jayanti Status
Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti WhatsApp Status Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti Status Agrasen Jayanti 2024
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In the famous city of Uttar Pradesh (UP), Agra (Agra), Mughal Road (Mughal Road) has now been renamed as `Maharaja Agrasen Road (Maharaja Agrasen Road) `. This change has been made on the demand of the followers of Maharaja Agrasen, who lives in `Kamla Nagar` area near the road. Expressing delight on this change, local people said, “Now the founder of era Maharaja Agrasen Ji and his public good works will be remembered by the future generations and will take inspiration from them.”

Who was Maharaja Agrasen

Brief introduction – Considered the father of Vaishya society, Maharaja Agrasen was a contemporary descendant of Lord Shri Ram, founder of era, great donor and first pioneer of socialism. In the yagna, Maharaja Agrasen stopped the animal sacrifice system and started the practice of cracking coconuts. He had started the practice of providing one brick and one coin to every new citizen coming to his state, so that no one in the state remains poor or hungry, but also could start their business.

In the battle of Mahabharata (Mahabharata), Maharaj Agrasen fought on behalf of Pandavas and his father fought on behalf of Pandavas and got to Veeragati. Mahalakshmi used to reside in the house of Maharaja Agrasen, which is why the Kuldevi of Aggarwal community is Mahalakshmi. Today the descendants of Maharaja Agrasen are known all over the world as `Agarwal (Agarwal) `and Maharaja Agrasen is called the father of Vaishya society.

The glorious Maharaja Agrasen was an idol of ability, kindness, motherhood and bravery. Whatever work he did in his life, all were successful and today`s society also draws inspiration from his work. In the kingdom of Maharaja Agrasen, there was no poor or unhappy or helpless. He used to love and compassion for his subjects as well as every living being, which is why he was very popular among his subjects and this is why he is revered even after about 5200 years.

Life introduction of Maharaja Agrasen (birth, marriage, state establishment and public good work)

Birth of Maharaja Agrasen – Maharaja Agrasen was the elder son of Vallabhgarh and King Ballabhsen of Agra and Queen Bhagwati Devi and elder brother of Shursen. He was born about 5200 years ago, at the end of Dwapar Yuga, the elder son of Lord Suryavanshi (Shri Ram) in the 34th generation of Kush. The birth anniversary of Maharaja Agrasen is celebrated every year on the first day of Shardiya. Maharaja Agrasen was sent to Rishi Tandeya`s ashram for education, where he was given all the qualities to become a good ruler.

When Agrasen was 15 years old, he fought on behalf of the Pandavas in the battle of Mahabharat. On the tenth day of his father Maharaja Vallabhsen war, Bhishma Pitamah received Veeragati. Then Lord Krishna gave Agrasen the divine knowledge to overcome grief and ordered his father to take over the kingdom and carry it forward. At the same time, his younger brother Shursen became the king of Pratapnagar.

Maharaja Agrasen was married – Maharaja Agrasen was married to Madhavi, the daughter of Nagaraj Kumud. Swayamvar was organized for the wedding of Madhavi, in which apart from Devraj Indra, many glorious and brave kings had arrived. But Madhavi was impressed by Agrasen`s beauty and bravery and put a garland around his neck. This made Devraj Indra angry. King Indra created drought and famine situation in Pratapnagar. Then a war broke out between Maharaj Agrasen and Devraj Indra. Seeing the victory of King Agrasen in this war, the gods made Narad Rishi an intermediary and reconciled between the two.

Here another story is mentioned in this regard that Maharaja Agrasen married Rajkumari Sundaravati, the daughter of King Nagaraj Mahirath of Kolapur, to defeat Devraj Indra, which gave all his powers to Agrasen ji… and Devraj Indra reconciled with King Agrasen. Maharaja Agrasen`s relationship with the Nagvansh increased wealth and immense splendor in his state… and hence the serpent is called the maternal uncle of the foreigners.

Establishment of the state – Maharaja Agrasen traveled across the country along with Rani Madhavi to establish a new state. During the journey, he saw a lioness giving birth to a cub at one place. Seeing the king`s elephant, the cub felt that the elephant would not harm his mother. Thinking this, the cub jumped on the king`s elephant. The sages and sages present with Raja Agrasen considered it a divine gesture and advised Agrasen to establish his kingdom in the same place.

A new state was established, which was named Agaryagan or Agrodaya. At the same time, the place where the cub was born, that place was made the capital of the state by the name Agroha (Agroha). In today`s time, this place is near Hisar of Haryana, which is still considered the fifth abode of Aggarwal society.

Establishment of Aggarwal community – Maharaja Agrasen, on the advice of Maharishi Garg, divided his state into 18 Ganas and established a huge state. Along with this, Maharishi Garg also resolved to perform 18 sacrifices along with 18 Ganadhipatis to Agrasen. The first yagna was performed by Maharishi Garg himself. He gave education to Agrasen`s eldest son Vibhu and gave him Garg gotra. Next, all the sages who performed the yagya, gave their tribe to these 18 Ganadhipatis, and in the name of these 18 Ganadhipatis the tribes of Agravansh (Aggarwal community) were established –

Such as Maharishi Garg to Garg, Govhil to Goyal, Gautam to Goyan, Vats to Bansal, Kaushik to Kansal, Shandilya to Singhal, Mudrgal to Mangal, Jamini to Jindal, Tandya to Tingal, Aurva to Airan, Dhaumya to Dharma, Bhardwaj to Bhandal, Vashisht to Bindal, Maitrey/ Vishwamitra From Mittal, Kashyap to Kushal, Taitireya to Tayal, from Mudgal Madhukul

End of animal sacrifice — when 17 sacrifices were completed and the 18th sacrifice was going on, a live horse was being sacrificed in the middle. Seeing the horse suffering from fear, Agrasen felt very sorry and got very angry. He stopped the sacrifice in the middle and stopped the horse sacrifice. Then he gave strict orders and said that —

“No one in my state will sacrifice animals nor will they kill any animal or animal. No one in my state will eat meat. It is the duty of every single person to protect all living beings”.

Along with this, Agrasen Maharaj started the practice of cracking coconut in the yagna instead of animal sacrifice. He believed that if we cannot give life to anyone, then we have no right to take away anyone`s life`. He considered violence and rape a grave sin and a punishable crime. However, animal sacrifice was not practiced in golden age nor in Tretayug. Kshatriyas considered it their religion to protect all living beings, but even then where this evil practice came from, it is not known exactly.

Maharaja Agrasen had tried hard worship of Lord Shiva and pleased him. At the same time, after worshipping him, he got the blessing of living in his own state… and hence Mahalakshmi is the Kuldevi of the foreigners or Vaishya community.

The principle of `one brick and one coin` — Maharaja Agrasen is said to be the pioneer of socialism because he made this rule to establish a correct socialism that if any person from outside his state comes to settle down, then every family of the state will give a new person a brick and a coin, so that he will give a new person a brick and a coin. Individuals can build their own house and start their business. Because of this principle of Maharaja Agrasen, there was no poverty or helplessness in his state.

In this regard, a story is also told that once there was a severe famine in Agroha. Then Maharaja Agrasen changed his clothes and traveled across the state to find a solution to the problem. During that time, he noticed that a family, which had 4 members, had only 4 meals prepared, but at the same time a guest came there, which caused the problem of eating.

Then the four members of the family took out some food from their plates and arranged a meal for the guests and thus the problem was resolved. Seeing this, Maharaja Agrasen thought that if every person gives even a small portion of their property to a poor person, then the poor will not remain poor and no person will have any special impact or burden.

Maharaja Agrasen established many ideals and ruled for 108 years. Then, on the advice of his Kuldevi Mahalakshmi, handed over the rule of his kingdom to his elder son Vidhu (Garg) and went to the forest to do penance with his queen. Even today in many cities, grand programs are organized by the Aggarwal community on the birth anniversary of Maharaja Agrasen.

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