“Though your physical presence is no longer here, your love and spirit will forever remain in our hearts. Happy Mother’s Day, dear Mother.”

“Even though you’re not here with us today, I feel your love and guidance every single day. Happy Mother’s Day in heaven.”

“Do you know how much I still miss you, especially on this special day? Sending you all my love up to heaven on Mother’s Day.”

“Not a day goes by without thoughts of you, especially on Mother’s Day. Your memory gives me strength to keep going. Happy Mother’s Day in heaven.”

“On this Mother’s Day, I celebrate the beautiful memories we shared, knowing you’re watching over us from above. I miss you, Mom.”

“Dear Mom, your absence is felt deeply, especially on Mother’s Day. But your love and influence continue to guide me every day. Happy Mother’s Day.”

“Even though you’re not physically here, your love surrounds us like a warm blanket. We miss you dearly on this Mother’s Day.”

“This Mother’s Day, I remember you in every beautiful thing I see, in every feeling of love, and in every act of kindness. You are forever missed.”

“Your love was a gift that continues to inspire and guide me. Though you’re no longer here, you are always present in my heart. Happy Mother’s Day, dear Mom.”

“Though miles separate us, your love reaches across the distance and blesses me every day. Happy Mother’s Day, my angel in heaven.”

“Today, I honor your memory and the unparalleled love you showered upon us. Wishing you peace and love on this Mother’s Day.” MOTHERS DAY QUOTES FOR A SISTER

“I hold onto memories of your warm embrace and your gentle voice. Your love remains a guiding light in my life. Happy Mother’s Day in heaven.”

“I find comfort in knowing that you’re watching over me, guiding me, and loving me from above. Happy Mother’s Day to my guardian angel.”

“Mom, on this Mother’s Day, I send my love to the heavens, knowing you are watching over us with a smile. You are deeply missed.”

“Though the pain of losing you is still raw, your memory brings joy and solace. Wishing you a beautiful and peaceful Mother’s Day in heaven.”

“Mom, your absence leaves a void in my heart, but your memory fills it with warmth and love. Happy Mother’s Day in heaven.”

“Your love was so strong that it continues to comfort and guide us, even in your absence. Sending you all my love on Mother’s Day.”

“I cherish the moments we shared, the lessons you taught, and the love you gave. Happy Mother’s Day to the most amazing mom in heaven.”

“Today, we honor your legacy and the incredible motherhood journey you had. Your love lives on forever in our hearts. Happy Mother’s Day in heaven.”

“Though you’re gone, your love lives on, a beacon of strength and inspiration in our lives. Happy Mother’s Day to you, dear Mom.”

“In my heart, your love is eternal, and on this Mother’s Day, I celebrate and honor that everlasting bond we share.”