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There are many such festivals in Indian folk culture. Which are associated with the spirit of protecting the environment and health. The festival of Sheetala Ashtami (Basoda), which is celebrated on the Ashtami of Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month, also gives us a message to be mindful of our health. According to the Skanda Puran, Brahmaji had entrusted the task of keeping the world free from disease to Goddess Sheetala. Therefore, since ancient times on Chaitra Krishna Ashtami, one of the eternal forms of superpower, Sheetala Mata has been worshipped. Who is also the founder goddess of cleanliness. By worshipping them, one gets rid of the side effects of somatic heat, fever, smallpox, leprosy, pimples, skin diseases, infections and other viruses. This is the reason that Goddess Sheetala Mata is worshipped with the spirit of being free from infectious diseases. On the day of Sheetala Ashtami, devotees fast properly and worship Goddess Sheetala before sunrise. According to the entire law, fasting and worshipping on the day of Sheetala Ashtami is considered very auspicious. It is believed that by worshipping Sheetala Ashtami, one gets rid of all the diseases of our body. Many devotees who are great devotees of Goddess Sheetala. He likes to use status videos of Goddess Sheetala on the day of Sheetala Ashtami on his mobile phone. Through our website, you can easily find many WhatsApp status videos of Sheetala Ashtami festival. By downloading them in a very simple way, you can use it on the day of Sheetala Ashtami. And you can get the blessings of Mother Sheetala.

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