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The new moon month of Sawan falls on the new moon day of Krishna Paksha. Is the new moon more this year on 15th August? Or on August 16? Confusion has arisen about the exact date of its date. Malmas will end on the new moon month of new moon. And the next day the Shukla Paksha of Sawan will start. It is customary to bathe and donate on the day of new moon. On this day, they perform Tarpan, Pindadan etc. to satisfy their forefathers. By offering these two pots of water and dedicating the flowers of Caner at the feet of Bholenath, all wishes are fulfilled.

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More Darsh Amavasya is considered on many dates. But the high rate on 15th August is reading the problem. By dedicating two pots of water and caner flowers to Lord Bholenath on this day, whatever wishes you have will be fulfilled. According to Hinduism, on the day of Darshan Amavasya, all powers of gods and goddesses are present on earth. And according to the deeds done by man, he also gives him a blessing. When all the powers come to the earth, devoting water and flowers to them fulfills your wishes. You can easily find more Darsha Amavasya WhatsApp status videos through our website. They can be downloaded and used in a very simple way. And you can use this more Darsha Amavasya video to wish good luck to your family members. adhika Darsha amavasya WhatsApp status video download. adhika maas amavasya 2023 WhatsApp status video download. Shravan adhik Maas end WhatsApp status video download. aadi amavasyi WhatsApp status video download.