Aditya L-1 Launch WhatsApp Status Video

After the historic landing of Chandrayaan 3 on the south pole of the moon, the Indian Space Research Organization ISRO is once again on the head of making history. Now the eyes of the country as well as the world are on ISRO`s Sun mission i.e. Aditya-L1. Today at 11.50 pm ISRO`s Surya Mission Aditya-L1 mission was launched from the launching center of Sriharikota. Aditya will cover the L-1 spacecraft to one percent of the distance between the Earth and the Sun to reach the L-1 point. It will reach its point L1 exactly 127 days after launch.

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Aditya L-1 Launch WhatsApp Status Video Download MP4

Aditya L-1 launch about PM Modi WhatsApp status video download. Aditya L-1 launch update WhatsApp status video download.