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As the first Monday of Sawan starts on 10th July. Which many people have been waiting for a long time. Many devotees also fast for Bholenath on Monday of Sawan. In which they like bhakti status videos of Saawan to express their wishes. In which there are different types of devotional statuses. From the beginning of Sawan they like to carry Kanwad. They also include different types of status videos.

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Kanwar Yatra has special significance in the month of Sawan. Devotees of Shiva reach the city of Mahadev with Kanwad from far away. And the words offer water to the Shivling with the cheer of a bomb. The month of Sawan has special significance in Hinduism. According to the beliefs, this month is very dear to Lord Bholenath. And whoever offers water, flowers, belpatra and datura to the Shivling with a sincere heart. His every wish is fulfilled. Monday fast is also observed in Sawan. Which is known as Somwari. Starting from 4th July and Kanwar Yatra will continue till 31st August. In the month of Sawan, there are so many crowds of devotees carrying Kawad with the slogan of Bol Bomb that it attracts people watching it. Due to which people use different types of WhatsApp status videos. You can find many WhatsApp status videos of Bol Bomb Bhakti through our website. They can be downloaded in a very simple way and made small.happy bol Bam sawan WhatsApp status video download. bol Bam bhakti special WhatsApp status video download. bol Bam bhakti 2023 WhatsApp status video download. Pawan singh bol bam bhakti WhatsApp status video. Akshara Singh bol Bam bhakti WhatsApp status video. Shilpi Raj bol Bam bhakti WhatsApp status video download. khesari Lal Yadav bol Bam bhakti WhatsApp status video download. Ritesh Pandey bol Bam bhakti WhatsApp status video download.