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Engineer Day is celebrated as a tribute to all the great engineers who have contributed to the past, who are driving our present and are waiting in the queue to showcase their skills to the talent of the future. In India, Engineers Day is celebrated as a tribute to the astonishing achievements of Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya.

Engineer Day is celebrated as a tribute to all the great engineers who have contributed to the past, who are driving our present and are waiting in the queue to showcase their skills to the talent of the future. In India, Engineers Day is celebrated as a tribute to the astonishing achievements.

When is Engineer`s Day 2022?

Engineer`s Day is celebrated every year on 15th September in India to pay tribute to the late engineering marvel Sir M Visvesvaraya. UNESCO celebrates 4th March every year internationally as World Engineers Day. This day is dedicated to being proud of the achievements of our engineers in every field of science and technology. This day is celebrated to appreciate past achievements and to glorify current engineering trends. This day reflects on the modern engineering world and the importance of engineers at every step of our lives.

Why is Engineer`s Day celebrated on 15 September?

Surprisingly, the celebration of World Engineer`s Day did not happen as a normal event. Instead, different countries celebrated this day in their own way at different times of the year. In 1933, Brazil designed a well-structured framework under law for various professions, including engineering disciplines.

The Pan American Engineer`s Day celebration held in the nation of Costa Rica takes place every year on 20th July. The year 1878 occupies an important place in engineering history. For the first time, an engineer union was formed in Croatia. Engineering students from Greece dedicated March 10th as a special day they are credited with. In India, Engineers Day is celebrated on 15 September. This day pays special tribute to Sir M Visvesvaraya. Iran celebrates World Engineer Week between 19th and 25th February as a special tribute to a famous Iranian scientist. Every year 22nd January is celebrated as Israel Engineers Day. Engineering students of Nepal uniquely celebrate Engineer`s Day as freedom of software use.

The United States dedicates an entire week to Engineers Week celebrations in February. This week is dedicated to George Washington. To settle for a worldwide mass celebration, The World Federation of Engineering Organizations [WFEO] has officially declared 4 March as World Engineering Day.

Engineers Day 2022 Theme

The theme of World Engineers Day 2021 is celebrating Engineering for a Healthy Planet- UNESCO`s Engineering Report. The theme of Engineers Day 2020 was `Engineers for a self-reliant India`. Themes can be inspired by newsletter items, promotional campaigns, social media broadcasts, etc. Audience participation in engineering day events is very important because the customer is the king, and they are the ones who run the business!

How to Celebrate Engineer`s Day?

Starting from conferences, lectures, discussions and technical seminars, there are events globally. Student forums organize various professional activities and negotiations in their educational institutions. Seminars on specific topics and meetings with highly respected technical dignitaries are the specialty of the day.

World Engineer Day is also celebrated in engineering companies by hosting week-long workshops, consulting programs and award ceremonies. Around the world, festivals include products showcasing, engineering site visits, campaigns, community participation events and roundtable discussions.

Essay competitions are a few other types of events for young students displaying budding talents in technological innovations. The government of India showcases the technological revolution in the form of engineering product displays, films and film shows to make it attractive to the next generations.

Engineers should be honored and remembered for their achievements on this particular day. Abhinandan Samaroh is an essential aspect of International Engineer`s Day celebrations.

Importance of Engineer`s Day 2022

Today he is very dependent on technology for every small and big need of man. Technology drives our world. Engineers apply technologies to create a new, emerging world order. In the early stages of civilization science and innovation gained importance only by fire and cycle. From there the nascent engineering construction began, gradually creating the Analog Wonder System.

With the IT revolution in the 1980s, the concept of digitization took over the world. Digital transformation is digitally enabled operations, and overall, a digital world reigns today. All this became possible due to the advent of modern engineering principles. Without engineers, mixers and blowers would not rule our kitchens. Time is a witness to the fact that the finest engineers in the world have done the finest miracles around the world.