“Return to Allah, for He is ever merciful and forgiving.”

“When you feel lost, go back to Allah, for He is the ultimate guide.”

“In times of hardship, seek solace in Allah’s embrace.”

“Turn to Allah, and He will turn towards you with open arms.”

“Repentance is the key to redemption, so return to Allah with a pure heart.”

“No matter how far you’ve strayed, Allah’s mercy is always within reach.”

“Seek forgiveness from Allah, for He is the most forgiving of all.”

“Never underestimate the power of returning to Allah, for His mercy knows no bounds.”

“In times of despair, go back to Allah and find hope in His love.”

“Seek Allah’s pleasure, and you will find peace in your heart.”

“Let your mistakes be a catalyst for your return to Allah and His path.”

“Trust in Allah’s plan, and trust in His ability to bring you back to him.”

“Return to Allah, and He will replace your sadness with joy.”

“Repentance is a gift from Allah, so cherish it and seek it often.”

“Allah’s door is always open, so come back to Him with sincerity.”

“When the world fails you, go back to Allah, for He never disappoints.” BIBLE QUOTES ABOUT GOOD LEADERS

“Don’t let guilt keep you away from Allah; seek His forgiveness and find peace.”

“Through prayer and submission, reconnect with Allah and find purpose once again.”

“No matter how far you’ve fallen, Allah’s love will always lift you up.”

“Seek refuge in Allah’s mercy, for it is the ultimate source of comfort.”

“Return to Allah and find solace in His endless compassion.”

“In times of confusion, seek clarity by returning to the teachings of Allah.”

“Let your heartache be a reminder to return to Allah and seek His healing.”

“Renew your connection with Allah and rediscover the beauty of faith.”

“Return to Allah, for His forgiveness is greater than any sin.”

“In the darkest of times, turn to Allah, for His light will guide you back to the right path.”

“No matter how broken you feel, Allah can mend your heart and soul.”

“Seek Allah’s forgiveness and watch as He transforms your life.”

“Return to Allah and experience the peace that surpasses all understanding.”

“In Allah’s presence, you will find the love and acceptance you’ve been searching for.”