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Good Friday, one of the most prominent festivals of Christians, will be celebrated with reverence on 7th April this year. On this day Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross. It is believed that the Lord Jesus sacrificed his life for the good and protection of humanity. It is said that he was born again after the death of the Lord Jesus. For which reason this day is called Good Friday.

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They celebrate this day as their sacrifice day. In such a situation, people do not play hours in church on Good Friday. Rather, special prayers are offered on this day. And the sound is made with a wooden knock. Tributes are paid to them. In the Christian community, this day is also called Good Friday as Holy Friday, Black Friday and Great Friday. Most people of the Christian community express their condolences by wearing black clothes on this day. They ask God for forgiveness for their sins. They go to church and pray to themselves. According to Christianity, Jesus Christ is the son of God. He was given death penalty to remove the darkness of ignorance. At that time, the religious leaders of the Jews strongly opposed Jesus. In such a situation, to please the fanatics, Pilate ordered Jesus to be killed by hanging him on the cross. But instead of ignoring his killings, Jesus prayed for them. “Oh God! Forgive them because they don`t know what they are doing. The day Jesus Christ was hanged on the cross. That day was Friday i.e. Friday. Since then, that day came to be called Good Friday. People who love Jesus love his status videos on Good Friday. Through our website you can easily find many WhatsApp status videos of Good Friday. You can download and use them in a very simple way.happy good Friday WhatsApp status video download. happy Black day WhatsApp status video download. happy good Friday special WhatsApp status video download. issue Bhagwan good Friday WhatsApp status video download.