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International Workers Day WhatsApp Status Video Download

International Labour Day is celebrated every year on 1 May. It was decided to celebrate Labour Day for the first time in 1889. The framework for celebrating this day was started from the US city of Chicago. When the workers came together on the road. After that, the workers started getting an important role.

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The movement started in America before 1886. In this movement, American workers took to the streets. Workers sat on strike for their rights. The reason for this movement was the working hours of the workers. During that time, workers used to work for 15-15 hours in a day. During the movement, police fired at the workers. During this time many workers lost their lives. Hundreds of workers were injured. The proposal to celebrate Labor Day in America came into force on 1 May 1889. But India started celebrating this day after about 34 years. Workers in India too were raising their voice against atrocities and exploitation. The workers were led by the Left. In view of his agitation, Labour Day was celebrated for the first time in Chennai on 1 May 1923. Under the Chairmanship of Labour Farmers Party of India, an announcement was made to celebrate Labour Day. Many organizations and social parties supported this decision. Many WhatsApp status videos of International Labour Day can be easily found through our website. By downloading them in a very simple way, you can raise voice for the workers day WhatsApp status video download. international labours day WhatsApp status video download. happy antrashtriy shramik Divas WhatsApp status video download. antrashtriy majdur Divas WhatsApp status video download.