“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, capable, competent mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.” – Barbara Katz Rothman

“A midwife must possess not only knowledge, but also compassion, empathy, and a deep respect for the birthing process.” – Anonymous

“Birth is an opportunity to transcend. To rise above what we are accustomed to, reach deeper inside ourselves than we are familiar with, and to see not only what we are truly made of, but also the strength we can access in and through birth.” – Marcie Macari

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.” – Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

“Midwifery is not just a profession, it’s a calling to be present for women during life’s most vulnerable and transformative moments.” – Anonymous

“Birth is an experience that demonstrates that life is not merely function and utility, but form and beauty.” – Sheila Kitzinger

“A midwife is more than a healthcare provider – she is a guardian of women’s sacred journey through pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood.” – Anonymous

“A midwife brings more than medical knowledge to the birthing room; she brings wisdom, compassion, and the power to empower women.” – Anonymous

“Midwifery is an art that requires a deep connection with women, an understanding of their unique needs, and the ability to provide individualized care.” – Anonymous

“Birth is not only about making babies. It’s about making strong, competent mothers who trust themselves and believe in their inner strength.” – Anonymous

“Being a midwife means being part of an ancient and honorable tradition of serving women and families during their most miraculous and transformative moments.” – Anonymous

“Midwifery is about empowering women and restoring their faith in their own bodies’ ability to birth.” – Anonymous

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.” – John H. Kennell GO BACK TO ALLAH QUOTES

“To be a midwife is to walk alongside women on their journey to motherhood, offering guidance, support, and empowerment.” – Anonymous

“A midwife is a true advocate for women, ensuring that their voices are heard and their choices are respected.” – Anonymous

“Midwifery is not just about delivering babies, it’s about delivering quality, personalized care to women and their families.” – Anonymous

“A midwife is like a guardian angel, watching over women as they bring new life into the world.” – Anonymous

“Birth is a powerful and transformative event, and as midwives, we have the honor of witnessing this miracle every day.” – Anonymous

“Midwifery is a calling to serve, support, and uplift women during their most vulnerable and powerful moments.” – Anonymous

“As midwives, we have the privilege of being present for the magical moment when new life enters the world.” – Anonymous

“Midwifery is an art that requires gentleness, patience, and the willingness to trust a woman’s body and intuition.” – Anonymous

“A midwife not only attends births, she also assists women in birthing their own inner strength and confidence.” – Anonymous

“To be a midwife is to be a witness to the miracle of life and a guide for women as they navigate the challenges of motherhood.” – Anonymous

“Midwifery is more than a career – it’s a calling to be a guardian of the birthing process, protector of women’s autonomy, and a source of strength and support.” – Anonymous