“It hurts me when you dismiss my feelings without even trying to understand them.”

“I need you to prioritize my emotions as much as you prioritize your own.”

“A relationship must involve empathy and consideration for each other’s feelings.”

“Ignoring my emotions only creates distance between us.”

“I want a partner who values my feelings and validates them.”

“Your indifference towards my emotions makes me question the foundation of our relationship.”

“Feeling emotionally supported by you is crucial for our bond to thrive.”

“I am deserving of love and care, even when my feelings don’t align with yours.”

“My feelings matter, regardless of whether they align with your own perspective.”

“Neglecting my emotions is a form of emotional neglect in our relationship.”

“A loving partner should never invalidate or dismiss their spouse’s feelings.”

“Emotional connection is weakened when one person doesn’t acknowledge the other’s feelings.”

“Relationships thrive when both partners show genuine concern for each other’s emotional well-being.”

“I don’t want to feel like my emotions are a burden to you.”

“Respecting my feelings doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, but it does mean acknowledging and validating them.”

“Dismissing my emotions invalidates my experiences and makes me feel unheard.” BEST QUOTES FROM AA BIG BOOK

“Ignoring my feelings will ultimately lead to further resentment and disconnection between us.”

“I need you to be emotionally available and responsive to foster a healthy, fulfilling relationship.”

“Validating my emotions strengthens our emotional intimacy and builds trust.”

“My feelings are not inconsequential; they have a significant impact on our relationship.”

“Not caring about my feelings sends a message that you don’t value my emotional well-being.”

“Empathy and understanding should be at the core of our partnership.”

“By dismissing my feelings, you communicate that your perspective is the only one that matters.”

“Ignoring my emotions only prolongs and exacerbates conflict in our relationship.”

“I deserve to be with someone who genuinely cares about my emotional state.”

“Your lack of concern for my feelings makes it difficult for me to open up and be vulnerable with you.”

“When you don’t care about my emotions, it feels like you don’t care about me.”

“Building a strong foundation requires active listening and support for each other’s emotional needs.”

“A healthy relationship requires consistent effort to understand and empathize with each other’s feelings.”

“I want a partner who values my feelings because they understand the significance of emotional connection in a relationship.”