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The full name of NCC is National Cadet Corps, which means “Rashtriya Sainik Student Group” in Hindi. It is a voluntary organization. It provides basic military training in small arms and parades. Students connect to it on their own free will. Those who feel that they want to join the No Army, Air Force or Army in the future, they especially join the NCC. Because all these actions are related to one army. And the NCC dress is almost like police.

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With the spirit of always being ready to serve the country, the main objective of NCC is to inculcate in the youth a secular approach, discipline, brotherhood, the spirit of courage and the ideals of selfless service. NCC was started to make students disciplined and fearless. NCC also takes great care to ensure that youth do not withdraw from social services and do not have any self-interest. For the development of the country, it is very important for that country to be disciplined. Every generation of the country should follow discipline. In today`s schools, NCC courses are also available to students, in which all preparations related to NCC are made. Because a student who wants to join an army in the future, he is already educated. Through our website, you can easily find many WhatsApp status videos of NCC lovers. If you are an NCC lover, then you can download and manage it in a very simple way. And you can arouse enthusiasm among people towards NCC. NCC lover WhatsApp status video download. NCC dress love WhatsApp status video download. NCC training WhatsApp status video download. NCC training special WhatsApp status video download. NCC training attitude WhatsApp status video download.