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No matter what love it is, it is love. Well, unrequited love is unique. Because the person you love does not know that you want him so much. To be honest, the fun of loving is only in unrequited love. There are many challenges to face in unrequited love. Where there is no condition in love. Therefore, unrequited love shayari touches the heart directly.

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One special thing about unrequited love is that apart from the one you love, the whole world knows about your love. And that is the beauty of love. The only drawback of this love is that you suffer so much for. The news of which your loved ones do not know. People with one-sided love often small WhatsApp status videos, which contain different types of one-sided love shayari. There is a shayari which touches the heart. One sided love shayari can be easily found through our website with different types of WhatsApp status videos. Which can be downloaded and used in a very simple way. And you can express your pain. one sided relationship WhatsApp status video download. one sided love shayari WhatsApp status video download. one sided relationship shayari in Hindi WhatsApp status video download. one side love motivation WhatsApp status video download. one sided relationship sad boy WhatsApp status video download.