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We see in the Bible that Jesus Christ was baptized. Then God the Father from heaven said this is my Son.From this we can understand that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.God created the world with the word and the Bible teaches us that Jesus Christ is the Word.Some people even consider Jesus a prophet. But the truth is that Jesus is one of the three gods.

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Jesus Christ is considered the founder of Christianity. He was not a deity, but he spent his life in human service and welfare. Jesus was the founder of Christianity. Jesus Christ is also called Jesus Christ or Jesus Christ. He is revered not only in Christians but also in other religions. Like in Islam, he is considered the last prophet of God. Jesus was born in Bethlehem. His mother`s name was Mary and his father was Joseph. Every year on 25th December the birth of Jesus is celebrated as Christmas Day. Jesus was a first-century preacher and religious Jewish leader. He is considered by Christians as a son or incarnation of God. He was a Jew. He was nailed to the cross at the behest of the religious leader of the Jews at the command of Roman Governor Pilate. He was a missionary. Who introduced Judaism to the people of Israel at the age of 30. He considered himself a messenger and son of God. People like WhatsApp status videos of Jesus Christ, where people like videos of Jesus Christ`s knowledge and miracles in Hindi language. Many WhatsApp status videos in the Hindi version of Jesus Christ can be easily found through our website. Which can be downloaded in a very simple way and use. Prabhu yishu Masih ke pravachan in Hindi WhatsApp status video download. Prabhu yishu Masih ke bhajan WhatsApp status video download. Prabhu yishu Masih ki prathna WhatsApp status video download. Prabhu yishu Masih ke chamatkari drishya WhatsApp status video download.