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Ram Navami Kyu Manaya Jata Hai: Our India is surrounded by various customs, religious festivals and festivals are celebrated here. People celebrate these very major festivals like Ram Navami,, etc. with great enthusiasm.

In today`s article, we are going to provide you with very detailed information about Ram Navami. In other words, we can also call the Hinduism of India a festive religion because it is surrounded by festivals. Celebrated in India, the festival of Ram Navami is celebrated by the people of Hinduism with great enthusiasm.

Through this article, we are going to know why we celebrate Ram Navami (Ram Navami Kyu Manaya Jata Hai), when is the festival of Ram Navami celebrated and most importantly what is the secret of celebrating the festival of Ram Navami.

If you want to get all the information about Ram Navami (Ram Navami in Hindi), then this article is going to be very important for you, so read it till the end.

Why is Ram Navami celebrated? Its History and Significance

The festival of Ram Navami is celebrated on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Lord Ram. It is also said that this festival is also celebrated due to the establishment of Lord Rama as the ideal man. By reading or watching mythology and stories, we learn that the character of a man should be similar to Lord Ram, due to which many followers of Lord Rama had happened in India year.

On the day of Ram Navami, all the people of Hinduism in the country celebrate this festival with great pomp. It is said that Lord Rama was born on the day of Ram Navami. For this reason, every year on this day people of Hinduism celebrate this festival of Ram Navami with great enthusiasm and pomp on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Lord Shri Ram.

People consider this day so auspicious that many people keep fast etc. for Lord Shri Ram to express their faith on this day. People complete their fast by remembering Lord Shri Ram.

People believe that this festival is associated with Lord Rama, which is why this festival is considered very auspicious and this festival is celebrated with great pomp. This festival is celebrated by people of all Hinduism in India.

When is the adjustment and completion of the Ram Navami festival?

Chaitra`s Navratri ends on the day of Ram Navami. That is why on this day many Hinduism followers go to Ayodhya and bathe in the most famous river Saryu and on this day many people fast and perform Havan at many places.

It is believed by people that by fasting on the day of Ram Navami, all the desires of the fasting person are fulfilled and that person gets fruit according to his mind. On the same day, Ram Mela is organized in Ayodhya district and every year a huge crowd is gathered there. Many good people are also met in this fair there.

After taking bath on the day of Ram Navami, people recite Ramcharitmanas in their homes. People recite Ramcharitmanas with great pomp, not only in their home but also in the surrounding temples. On the day of Ram Navami, not only Ramcharitmanas but also the Puranas are read in many places and a grand event is organized on this occasion.

Why is Ram Navami celebrated?

According to the scriptures, it is believed that this Ram Navami festival is organized on the occasion of the birth of Lord Shri Ram Ji along with Lord Vishnu from the time of Treta Yuga. Lord Shri Ram was born because of Ravana`s atrocities and the abolition of his evil name. A new religion was established to destroy evil and eliminate demons from the earth.

It is said that the festival of Ram Navami is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Rama and this festival is being organized since the inception of this new religion. It is also believed by the scriptures that Lord Shri Rama worshiped Goddess Durga after conquering the palace of Lanka, due to which the festival of Ram Navami begins right after the Navratri of Chaitra month ends.

If we believe the mythology, then Lord Shri Ram was born in the Raj Mahal in Ayodhya. Lord Shri Ram`s father`s name was Maharaja Dashrath and King Dashrath had three wives. No wife of Maharaja Dashrath was getting any children, due to which Maharaj used to be very unhappy and upset. With such a problem, Maharaj Dashrath approached Maharishi Vashistha.

By going to Maharishi Vashistha, he told Maharishi Vashistha his entire misery. After this, Maharishi Vashistha asked to perform the yagya, Maharaja Dashrath did exactly that. It is said that after the yagya ended, Maharishi offered him a kheer and Maharishi Vashisht said that you will feed this kheer to all three of your queens.

Maharaja Dashrath fed this kheer to his wives and after 9 months watching it, Kaushalya, the eldest wife of Maharaja Dashrath, got a very stunning son. This son of Maharaja Dashrath was none other than Lord Shri Ram. After that, Queen Kaikai gave birth to Bharat. Bharat was very sensitive to his brother Shri Ram and loved his brother very much.

King Dasharatha`s youngest wife, Queen Sumitra, was born by two twins, one of her sons was named Lakshman and the second son was named Shatrughna. Who does not know about Lakshman, Lakshman was the most beloved brother of Lord Shri Ram. It is said that on the day when Lord Rama was born, people celebrate the same day on the occasion of Ram Navami.

Lord Shri Ram was born to destroy demons on earth and along with this, Lord Shri Ram was born to establish religion on earth. Lord Shri Ram was the seventh incarnation of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu. According to the scriptures, Lord Rama took birth in the form of seven incarnations of Vishnu to King Dashrath.

King Dashrath and Maharani Kaikeyi, Kaushalya and Sumitra loved Lord Shri Ram very much. But due to some reason, his mother Kaikai had given him exile. Lord Shri Ram was born in Treta Yuga from the womb of Kaushalya Mata in Lok.

Death Lok is what we call Prithvi. Narrating this earth as death people implies that anyone who is born on this earth is certain to die. Lord Shri Krishna was born to end the atrocities of Ravana. Along with this, Lord Ramchandra was born to establish the Punar Dharma by kicking the wicked.

Lord Shri Ramchandra took birth in the Punarvasu Nakshatra on the day of Chaitra month`s Navami at the time of Cancer Lagna. Lord Shri Ramchandra had conquered Lanka and killed the demons. Let me tell you that Lord Shri Ram is also known as Purushottam.

Lord Shri Ram is called Purushottam because Lord Shri Ram was the best man among men. Along with this, Bhagwan Shri Ramchandra is also known as the ideal man and many people were shown the Sadmarg by Lord Shri Ram.

How do we celebrate the festival of Ram Navami?

The birth anniversary of Lord Rama is celebrated with great pomp all over the country. The idol of Lord Shri Ram is decorated in various small and big temples. Also, the idols of Mother Sita and Laxman are also decorated. The child form of Lord Ram is worshiped.

Bhajan and kirtan is held in every temples, the glory of Lord Ram is celebrated. People keep a fast in all homes. On Ram Navami, the birthplace of Lord Ram, Ayodhya, a somewhat different atmosphere is created. Along with the Ayodhya temple there, the surrounding area is also decorated.

Along with this, fairs are also held there, which people come from far and wide to see. Devotees from all over the country go to Ayodhya and bow at the door of Lord Ram`s temple. People who come here also take a bath in the Yamuna river.

Significance of the name Ram in Kali Yuga

After the Treta Yuga, Kali Yuga started. Kali Yuga is full of violence and atrocities. In this sinful age, salvation can be attained only by the remembrance of Lord Rama`s name. It is believed that the sins of a person are washed away by the chanting of Lord Ram. Therefore, on the day of Ram Navami, all Indians worship Lord Ram.

When is Ram Navami celebrated?

As we all know, Lord Shri Ram was born from the womb of Kaushalya, the eldest wife of King Dashrath of Ayodhya. The birth of Lord Shri Ram is considered very auspicious across India and every year of Ram Navami is celebrated on the Navami date of Chaitra month. Along with this, Ram Navami begins with the conclusion of Chaitra month.

What is the significance of Ram Navami?

The most important thing about this festival is that on this day Lord Shri Ram was born. Celebrated on the occasion of the birth of Lord Shri Ramchandra, 8 days before this Ram Navami festival i.e. the first date of Navami starts on the day of concluding Chetra Maas.

On this day, people worship Bhagwan Shri Ramchandra in a pure manner and some people bathe in the Saryu river of Ayodhya to worship Lord Shri Ramchandra. After that, they worship Lord Shri Ram.

This festival of Ram Navami, which is celebrated during the birth of Lord Shri Ram, is therefore said to be the most important. Because it is believed that on this day, every person who worships the fast story of Lord Shri Ram with his sincere heart, all his wishes are fulfilled.

On this day, the people of Ayodhyas bathe in the Saryu River, as well as people from other states come and bathe in the Saryu River. Because it is believed that in this river Saryu, Lord Shri Ram has given the power to take away all the sins. Ram Navami is celebrated on the ninth day of Navratri of Chaitra month with great enthusiasm by people.

Before Kali Yuga, there was Treta Yuga and Lord Rama was born in this era.

According to the Hindu calendar, Ram Navami is celebrated on the Shukla Paksha date of Chaitra month. It is Ram Navami on 10th April in 2022.

It is stated in the Hindu scriptures that in Treta Yuga, the atrocities of Asuras increased on earth, all Asura used to break the yagya. All the sages suffering from these asuras go to Lord Vishnu and then Lord Vishnu takes the seventh incarnation on earth in the form of Lord Rama for the destruction of Asura powers.

Ram Navami is celebrated on the occasion of the birth of Lord Ram, apart from this, Chetra Navratri also ends on this day.

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