Vishwakarma Puja 2022 Whatsapp Status Video

Vishwakarma Puja 2022 Whatsapp Status Video Download

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Why is Vishwakarma Puja celebrated, when is Vishwakarma Jayanti celebrated? How is Vishwakarma Puja performed? How many types of Vishwakarma are there? Son of Brahma ji. Read the story of Vishwakarma Puja till the end, all these questions are answered.

Why is Vishwakarma Puja celebrated every year on the same day i.e. on 17th September. What is the reason behind this. So let us answer this question for you in this article.

In Hinduism, we all celebrate every festival according to the date. Vishwakarma Jayanti is one of those festivals which is always celebrated on 17th September. By worshipping on this day, traders get special fruits.

The birth anniversary of Lord Vishwakarma, the unique master of architecture, is celebrated all over the country. It is mainly celebrated in the states of Karnataka, Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and Tripura.

Why is Vishwakarma Jayanti celebrated.

Although engineers are currently working on the construction of big buildings, but have you ever wondered who built Swarlok in Satyug, Lanka in Tretayug, Dwarka in Dwapar and Jagannath Temple in Kali Yuga?

Lord Vishwakarma is worshiped as an architect, when tools, machines and vehicles are also worshiped on this day.

According to Hindu beliefs, Lord Vishwakarma built the palace and weapons of the gods in ancient times. He is called the god of creation.

It is believed that Lord Krishna`s Dwarka City, Trishul of Shiva, Indraprastha City of Pandavas, Pushpak Viman, Indra`s Vraj, Golden Lanka were also built by Lord Vishwakarma.

Therefore, people associated with the creation and creation of any work worship Lord Vishwakarma with this devotion.

On the occasion of Lord Vishwakarma`s birthday, people worship their offices, factories and machines today. Along with this, people also worship weapons and machines used in employment or their professional life.

Story of Vishwakarma Puja.

By worshipping Lord Vishwakarma, the creator, craftsman, the father of technology and science, one gets progress. According to Hindu mythology, a charioteer with religious practices lived in Kashi with his wife.

He was well versed in his work, but after trying and going from place to place, he could not get much money from food. The same wife was also very upset about not having children. Both the saints used to go to the saints to have children, but their wishes were not fulfilled.

Then a neighbouring Brahmin said to the wife of the charioteer, You go in the refuge of Lord Vishwakarma, your wishes will be fulfilled and fast on the day of Amavasya and listen to the story of Lord Vishwakarma.

After this, Sarathi and his wife worshiped Lord Vishwakarma on Amavasya. Thereby, they got wealth and a son and both started living happy lives. Since then, Vishwakarma began to be worshiped with great fanfare.

How is Vishwakarma Puja performed?

His idol is installed. Puranas mention his various paintings. On this day engineers worship their work site, construction site (land). On this day the working class worships its tools. Today there is a holiday in industries. On this day, weavers, carpenters, craftsmen of all kinds worship Lord Vishwakarma. On this day, sacrifices are performed in many places.

Birth of Lord Shri Vishwakarma

According to the legend, at the beginning of creation, Lord Vishnu appeared on Sheshashaya in Ksheer Sagar. From the navel-lotus of Lord Vishnu ji, Chaturmukh Lord Brahma was visible. Lord Brahma ji`s son was Vastudev, the son of religion and religion.

According to mythological texts, Vastu was the seventh son born of a woman named the object of religion, who was the originator of craftsmanship. Vishwakarma was born from Vastudev`s wife named Angirasi. Like his father, Vishwakarma became a unique teacher of architecture.

How many types of Vishwakarma are there?

Vishwakarma is a Hindu god. Vishwakarma Bhagwan usually counts five castes in it- 1. Mistry, 2 blacksmiths, 3 potters, 4 sonars and 5 sculptors.

Sage Manu Vishwakarma (Lohar) – he is called “Sanag Gotra”. This speeds up the work of the iron. Their descendants are called blacksmiths.

Sanatan Rishi Maya (Mistry) – These are the names of Sanatan Gotra. It works as a carpenter. His descendants are known as Kashtakaras.

Ahbhun Rishi Tavastha (Potter) – His other name is Tavastha whose tribe is Ahbhun. Their descendants are called Tamra.

Prayatna Rishi Shilpi (Sculptor) – Inka gotra is striving. His descendants are masters of craftsmanship. They are also called sculptors.

Devagna Rishi (Sonar) – His gotra is Surpan. His descendants are known as goldsmiths. They do silver and gold metal crafts.

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