“You’re my best friend because you know all my secrets and still choose to be seen with me in public.”

“We’re like a really weird couple, but without the romance… or the couple part.”

“Friends come and go, but a best friend will help you hide the body. Just saying.”

“You’re the reason my phone auto corrects ‘friend’ to ‘weirdo.'”

“If someone tried to hurt you, I’d punch them with my keyboard because I’m a modern-day warrior.”

“Our friendship is so strong that people think we’re dating, and we just laugh because we know there’s no way we could stand each other that long!”

“I’m pretty sure we were best friends in a past life because we’re still stuck together in this one.”

“You’re the only person I know who can turn my worst day into a hilarious story I’ll tell for years.”

“You’re my person, not in a romantic way, but in a ‘if I have to hide a body, you’re the first person I’d call’ way.”

“Our friendship is like a slapstick comedy – full of random accidents, ridiculous conversations, and endless laughter.”

“If someone ever asks us how we met, let’s just tell them we both swiped right on friendship.”

“I love how we can communicate through just facial expressions and laughter, no actual words necessary.”

“You’re the peanut butter to my jelly, the cheese to my macaroni, and the weirdo to my best friend.” BIBLE QUOTES ABOUT BELIEVING IN YOURSELF

“We may be best friends, but I won’t hesitate to embarrass you in public because that’s what friends are for.”

“If being sarcastic was an Olympic sport, we’d win gold medals together.”

“We’re so close that if we were any more connected, we’d be stuck in a conjoined twin situation.”

“You’re my favorite weirdo – and that’s saying something because I know a lot of weirdos.”

“If laughter is the best medicine, then we’re the best doctors ever. Prescribing jokes and laughter daily!”

“You’re the kind of friend I’d bail out of jail at 3 am, no questions asked… well, maybe a few questions later when we’re safely out of there.”

“You know you’re my best friend when I can be 100% myself around you… and you don’t run away screaming.”

“People say opposites attract, but we’re so similar that it’s a miracle we found each other in this crazy world.”

“You’re the only person I confide in, vent to, and show my true crazy self to without worrying about judgment. That’s friendship goals, my friend!”

“Our friendship is like a never-ending comedy show, minus the audience… and the payment, unfortunately.”

“Best friends are like stars – they come in your life and light it up with laughter, humor, and endless inside jokes.”